Denver Dancers | Larissa

Of all the Denver dancers out there, Larissa just might be one of my favorites to work with.  While she is currently living in Brooklyn (how artsy and rad is that?!), she still swings through Colorado to visit family every now and again and we always collaborate each time that she’s back home.  For this joint effort, we shot in a two-block radius downtown and really went for some different lighting in each set-up.

We started out just off the sidewalk near the grungy parking garage that was going to be our main backdrop.  In a departure from most of my other shoots, I decided to meet Larissa around noon to get some intense light (as opposed to the softer light that sunset brings).  It’s so easy to fall into a routine of shooting in safer lighting situations (like shade or on overcast days), but for Larissa’s dancing, I wanted shadows and drama.

Per usual, she delivered.  Her movements are full of strength, mystery, and confidence.  Barefoot on the street in downtown Denver?  Not a problem.  Dancing on the eighth floor of a dirty parking garage?  No issue.

Thank you again to Larissa for working with me for this shoot!  Can’t wait to collaborate again in the future!

Denver Dancers | Ashley Kidder Portraits

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